What are the Disadvantages of Gaming Laptop?

It is without a doubt that gaming laptops are equipped with powerful components that can run any game smoothly.

However, there are major disadvantages of gaming laptops that you should consider when you are buying one. The main drawbacks are its high price, battery life, inability to be upgraded, its temperature and noise.

High Price

Many gamers purchase laptops for gaming purposes only. But often they do not consider that the price of these powerful laptops is usually very high compared to desktop PCs.

The reason behind this is because there are many components inside a gaming laptop that needs to be fit in its small chassis. Thus, components are highly customized and require high-level engineering output.

Another reason behind the high price of gaming laptops is because many gaming laptop manufacturers are targeting the gaming community. Thus, they put their focus on how a laptop can run games smoothly rather than its usability or price.

Battery Life

While you might think that having such strong components inside your gaming laptops is an all-win situation, you should check out the battery life of gaming laptops.

High-end gaming laptops can have up to 4-5 hours of battery life. This is not much compared to the normal laptops that can run for 14 hours on a single charge. Thus, you might need to plug in your USB cable just so you could continue playing games.

The powerful GPU, CPU, and RAM capacity which gives you the best experience in playing games also require high energy from the battery. Thus, the high-end components can drain your battery quickly.

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Since most components are built-in, there is no space to upgrade your gaming laptop. Manufacturers have attached these parts in such a way so as not to be interchangeable with newer versions and this makes them more robust for everyday use but also limits their upgrade capability.

This makes it unfavorable for people who want to play new games but need to buy a new gaming laptop just because the components are outdated.


It is a proven fact that high-end gaming laptops can heat up and make your hands warm as you play games.

This happens because of the powerful components that can reach temperatures of 100 degrees Celsius or more. Thus, you should be cautious if you are planning to purchase one especially for those who need to use their laptop while on the go.

This drawback is not a deal-breaker if you are planning to use the laptop at home. You can always install a cooling pad or place it on a cool surface while playing games.

However, some gaming laptops have this problem because they do not have an efficient cooling system. Thus, it will be best to check out the reviews of your target laptop before getting one.


The components inside a gaming laptop are very loud when working together, particularly when under stress. Some people might find this annoying especially when they are on the go.

Even at home, you can hear the whining sound that some gaming laptops make even if they did not reach its temperatures threshold yet.

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Thus, you might experience this problem if you do not have your own sound system or speakers attached to it. You should consider getting a headphone or a pair of speakers to avoid listening to these sounds.


Gaming laptops have some disadvantages such as their high price, battery life, and inability to be upgraded. They can be also hot and noisy when in use.

However, if you want to game at home or on the go without having to buy an additional device such as a desktop computer for your living room or bedroom, then a gaming laptop can be worth it.

You’ll just need to weigh these disadvantages against what will work best for your lifestyle before making any purchase decisions about this type of product!

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