Why Does My Laptop Freeze When Playing A Video Game?

Freezing usually happens when your computer can no longer keep up with what’s happening in the game or if it overheats from running too many programs at once.

To avoid this problem entirely just make sure that whenever possible (or as often as necessary) updates are installed so your laptop is optimized for today’s technology demands and also lower graphics settings occasionally to increase frame rates since even low-end machines should be able to handle simple graphic loads nowadays!

Too Many Background Processes

Some programs tend to start up on their own or don’t close all the way. This can cause a strain on your computer’s resources and might result in it hanging up while trying to display graphics on the screen.

To avoid this just close out all unnecessary programs before loading your game or program. If you’re not sure what is an unnecessary background process, a good way to go about it is to hold the ‘alt’ key on your keyboard and then press the ‘tab’ key on your keyboard. This will cycle through and highlight any “running” programs.

If you see something that doesn’t need to be running make sure it’s closed and if not, right-click the program name in your taskbar and click “end process” for anything that is hogging memory! Also, don’t forget to close out any unnecessary browser windows as well if you plan on playing for a few hours.


For many people, the most important part of a computer is its graphics processor because it affects how well they can play video games and how much better these programs run with high processing power from this component.

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While cooling vents will typically prevent computers from getting too hot internally which could cause trouble for both processors and internal hardware components alike if left unchecked, it’s important to make sure you make regular checks on your cooling system and do a quick dusting out of your machine every once in a while as well.

Other Factors

Laptops may also have malware issues or virus problems which could make it so the computer freezes up or even turns itself off while playing a video game. To solve any malware issues just try to run an antivirus program like AVG or Avast for example and hopefully you’ll see the issue resolve itself.

Driver incompatibility may also cause issues with your computer and freezing while playing a game. If this is the case, try unpairing any controllers that may not be compatible or check for driver updates on your manufacturer’s website to see if there are any newer ones available.


Gaming laptops are powerful little machines that perform many different functions and can handle just about any tasks thrown at them nowadays however there are still some hardware-related issues or software problems that might prevent them from working or cause your favorite video game to freeze.

As long as you keep your machine well maintained and avoid doing anything too processor or graphics-intensive, and have the latest updates already installed on your computer then there shouldn’t be a problem at all with various programs freezing up while running various games.

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