Are Laptop Keyboards Good For Typing?

Membrane keyboards, which are usually found in laptops, are not the best for typing. The lack of feedback on these keys means you never know whether or not you pressed them correctly, and it can be difficult to type quickly with such little information from your keyboard.

If you’re someone who types quickly and frequently for long periods at a time — typically more than 10 hours per day — it’s best that you invest in a separate mechanical keyed laptop case so as not to be slowed down by your device when taking notes during lectures or pumped up your gaming experience!

What is a Membrane Keyboard?

A membrane keyboard is a computer input device that uses soft, flexible material as keys that are not separated with symbols printed on it to emulate the sensation of typing.

It does not provide much tactile feedback and can sometimes be frustrating for its users because there are little to n moving parts as most other keyboards have.

However, they are not widely popular because of inaccuracy and slow typing speed. This makes them less durable than mechanical keyboards, which is why they’re much lighter, more portable in size, and generally cheaper to purchase.

What is a Mechanical Keyboard?

Mechanical keyboards offer a more tactile typing experience than those that are not mechanical. The keys have switches underneath them, which give the keyboard its distinct “clicky” sound and feel.

With less rubber in between each keystroke on these models of computers, you’ll notice how much cleaner every letter typed is without any interference thanks to this material difference!

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Factors to Consider

1. Space Arrangement

The keys on a membrane keyboard are arranged close together to maximize the limited real estate of your laptop. Additionally, their placement is strategic so that you can type as quickly and efficiently as possible with minimal movement.

On mechanical keyboards, key arrangement in more generous spaces increases typing speeds by making it easier to find each letter without accidentally pressing other buttons at the same time.

2. Key Size

The size of the keys on a mechanical keyboard is much larger as compared to those of laptop keyboards. This is because there’s more space for the number of keys, especially when you can’t fit it all in one place like with laptops. The small chassis means that everything has to be compact and efficient — even your typing experience!

3. Heat Exposure

Your laptop can get pretty hot especially after prolonged continuous usage. As the laptop’s built-in keyboard is placed on top of the internal components, excessive heat will also transfer to your fingers when you’re typing or using a touchpad.

This problem may lead to extreme discomfort and even burns from pressing too hard down onto those keys!

External keyboards are great alternatives because there won’t be direct contact with anything hot which means more ergonomic comfort for hands while typing away at work.


With all of these factors, it’s clear that the best way to have a comfortable and efficient typing experience is through using an external laptop keyboard.  

When you want the full typing experience of your computer for long periods at a time, make sure you consider purchasing an external laptop case or using a mechanical keyboard.  The difference lies in the size of the keys, which can make a world of a difference for you!

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