How To Solve ‘HP Laptop Keeps Disconnecting From WiFi’ In Windows 10?

“HP Laptop keeps disconnecting from WiFi” is a common issue that occurs when the driver for your wireless adapter fails to recognize any networks in range. You can fix this by scanning on Windows 10 and updating drivers, or restoring an earlier version of windows if you were recently switched from XP/Vista/7, etc.

Faulty power settings, incorrect network configuration, and problematic WiFi connecting devices are the usual causes of this issue.

However, one of the more common causes is a problem with the driver for your wireless adapter.

In this article are steps that can help you repair the “HP laptop keeps disconnecting from WiFi” issue in Windows 10. Let’s see what causes this problem and how to fix it!

Why does the HP laptop keep disconnecting?

The WiFi and Network connection on your computer can easily be disrupted due to a missing, corrupted, or outdated driver.

If the installed wireless card is not compatible with the Operating System version then you may face a problem of intermittent disconnections.

It might also happen that while saving battery power, your machine sends the Wi-Fi card into sleep mode when it’s idle.

Lastly, viruses and malware attacks are prone to make multiple damages in devices including interfering with network connections like wifi.

How to Solve HP Laptop Disconnection Issues?

Method 1: Disable any security software installed by a third party.

The use of third-party security software is very common in Windows 10 PCs. The primary function of these applications is to detect and remove any threats that may cause damage to your computer.

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They also perform scans on the various files and folders present on your system, scrutinizing each one thoroughly before allowing them to access back into the device.

Unfortunately, this process may take a toll on the WiFi-related system. To temporarily solve this problem, disable and re-enable any such programs before continuing with other troubleshooting steps. To do this, follow:

  1. In the taskbar’s notifications area, click the “WiFi” icon.
  2. Select a wifi network from the list.
  3. Select “Forgot” from the right-click menu on the wireless network to which you are connected.
  4. Restart your laptop and use the security key to rejoin your WiFi network.

Method 2: Run the Network Troubleshooter Program

“Network Troubleshooter” is the program that detects and automatically resolves network and internet connection problems. To run this, follow:

  1. To launch the “Settings” app, press the “Windows + I” keys on your keyboard together.
  2. Click “Network & Internet > Network Troubleshooter” in the newly launched “Settings” App.
  3. This will locate and resolve network issues. Check to see whether the issue has been addressed.

Run Network Adapter Troubleshooter

  1. Go to “Update & Security > Troubleshoot” in the “Settings” App.
  2. Under “Network Adapter,” choose “Run the troubleshooter.”
  3. This will resolve issues with the network/WiFi adapter. Please double-check that the WiFi keeps disconnecting issue has been fixed.

Method 3: Update Network Adapter drivers on Windows 10

Sometimes, the WiFi keeps disconnecting issue occurs because of old Network/WiFi Adapter drivers. To update your WiFi drivers so that this problem can be fixed, follow:

  1. Select “Device Manager” from the keyboard by pressing the “Windows + X” keys together.
  2. Locate and expand the “Network Adapters” category in the opened “Device Manager” window.
  3. Select “Update Driver Software… ” from the context menu of your Network Adapter or WiFi driver.
  4. Select “Search automatically for updated driver software” in the next box.
  5. To upgrade the wifi driver, follow the on-screen instructions.
  6. After that, restart your computer to save the changes and see whether the WiFi keeps disconnecting issue is no longer an issue.
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Final Words

Using this guide, you can solve the WiFi keeps disconnecting issue in HP laptop. So whenever you are facing WiFi issues in your laptop, it is recommended to follow the steps mentioned above.

You can also try other Windows 10 troubleshooting solutions to fix it if these steps don’t work for your machine.

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