How To Factory Reset Samsung Laptop?

If you are having computer problems, Samsung Recovery can helpfully reset your device to its default state or restore a previously backed-up version of the operating system.

When you restore a computer, all data, and apps that were installed after the first backup are permanently deleted. Make sure to save your most important files before restoring the device because if anything happens during this process, no more of these items will be retrievable or usable on this machine.

About Samsung Recovery

Samsung Recovery is a utility program that allows you to restore your laptop’s factory settings with just the click of a mouse or keyboard shortcut. The program is easy to use, with graphical instructions for nearly every option and action.

However, Samsung Recovery is not available for many of their low-capacity devices. 64GB storage models can’t handle the heavy lifting and need to be handled by a professional repair shop or manufacturer.

Before deleting everything from your computer, we strongly recommend that you first perform some basic maintenance steps: clear up disk space by moving your files and apps to an external hard drive or the cloud, run a virus scan, clean out temporary files using Disk Cleanup, optimize your computer’s settings.

Backing Up your Files

It is strongly recommended that before using Samsung Recovery you take a full backup of any personal files (pictures, music, and videos) as well as important documents such as tax records and bank statements.

The easiest way to do this is with an external hard drive or online storage services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox. If you just want to protect a few select files and folders, consider programs like SyncToy or SugarSync.

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Restoring Your Laptop to Factory Settings

If Windows refuses to boot, you can reset the computer with a button on your keyboard. Simply press F4 and follow instructions in Samsung Recovery Mode to get back up and running!

  1. Turn on the computer, then press F4 several times before you see a Samsung logo to access Samsung Recovery.
  2. Select Computer Factory Reset.
  3. Choose the Start Factory Reset button.
  4. Click OK when the Start reset confirmation window appears.
  5. When you press the reset button on your PC, it will take time to restore itself.
  6. When the action is done, click OK on the message that appears.
  7. Your PC will shut down and restart.
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions and finish setting up your PC.

After rebooting, check to see if you can tell that your PC has been properly reset.


It is now easier than ever to reset your Samsung laptop back to its factory setting using the new Samsung Recovery. Make sure you have backed up any important files before executing this operation.

If you are still unable to access your laptop, consider seeking professional help from a reputable repair shop, especially if it is an older model computer that may require special equipment and parts that may not otherwise be available.

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