How To Use Laptop In Bed Without Overheating?

Laptops emit heat from the vent that should be released to cool down. Leaving your laptop plugged into an outlet and turned on while sitting on carpet or bed could lead to it being damaged by hot air due to blocked vents as there is no airflow that can cause them to overheat.

However, there are certain ways on how you can continue using your laptop in the comfort of your soft and fluffy bed without the fear of overheating.

Proper ventilation is the key to maintaining your laptop’s cool temperature and avoiding overheating even in your bed.

In this article, there are three different methods you can try for keeping your laptop cool.

Method 1: Using a Cooling Pad

The first method is by using an external cooling pad.  A laptop cooler is basically a stand wherein you place your laptop and it will work actively to keep the laptop cool through the help of fans or some other mechanism that lets out hot air.  

By using this, you can have greater access to your laptop in bed as well as keep it cool by providing proper ventilation.

Adding a cooling pad will not only protect your computer from overheating in your bed, but it also serves as a stand that makes using your laptop while lying down more convenient.

Using a laptop cooler in your bed is the best way to prevent overheating and keep your computer cool if you don’t have any other ways of keeping laptops cool.

Method 2: Having a Laptop Bed Stand

A laptop bed stand is basically a holder wherein you place your computer and it will make sure that the vent of the notebook is never blocked which in turn makes it cool.

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A laptop bed stand is a great option for people who want to use their laptops in an ergonomic position as they are adjustable and can position your computer at the right angle for you. It’s also important that the screen not be too far off from where your eyes are looking.

If you find yourself straining or craning your neck upwards while watching videos on YouTube and Netflix then this might just be what you’ve been waiting for!

Method 3: Elevating your Laptop

There are also other ways of cooling your laptop in bed without the use of an external cooler.

One way is to elevate your computer above the surface you’re using it on whereby there will be no blockages at all for the hot air to pass through and directly release out of the vents.

If you have a hard and flat surface on which you can place your laptop then this would be the best way of keeping it cool while using it in bed. For example, placing it on an empty box or any object that is easier to elevate.

Learning these ways of cooling laptops without the use of external devices will also help prevent any external damage from being done to your computer.


As a precautionary measure, it is also important to take note of the way you use your laptop in bed as it can greatly affect your laptop’s health.

Try as much as possible to use your laptop on a hard surface and/or raise it up from the place you’re sitting so that hot air can freely pass through the vents without being blocked.

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Making these simple adjustments will greatly help preserve your laptop’s health and extend its functional lifespan.

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