How Much SSD Do I Need for Gaming?

For gamers, storage space is king. With an ever-growing list of games, the average PC game takes up 40GB to 50GB. Whenever you install a new game onto your computer’s hard drive it takes up additional GBs of storage and that number can really add up over time.

For this reason, it is recommended to invest in an SSD with at least 500 GB worth of capacity. For a growing gamer’s needs, it can be essential to have a 1 TB SSD as it has enough space to store the OS and all your favorite titles too.

What is an SSD?

An SSD (Solid-State Drive) is an advanced storage technology that can greatly improve your gaming experience. It has no moving parts, uses less power, and performs better than the traditional HDD models.

The latter is more common, however, when it comes to gaming PCs because they are cheaper and larger in size. They use electromagnetic induction or a ‘head’ that moves across a spinning disk. This head can wear out over time causing data to be lost or corrupted.

The SSD for gaming uses non-volatile memory chips and flash storage, so the mechanism is much more stable and has a longer lifespan. The price of an SSD is higher than that of the HDD model but it pays for itself over time. It makes your PC more reliable, boots up faster, and performs better than the HDD model.

SSD for Gaming

The speed advantage of SSD is more true for gaming PCs since games can take advantage of an SSD’s speedier performance to load shortly after launching a game.

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With less lag time and with fewer loading screens it is easier to stay immersed in the gameplay.

How Much Do I Need for Gaming?

A gaming SSD should have a large storage capacity so you don’t run out of space to install new games. 500 GB or more is recommended enough for most gamers but if you are the type who likes to keep all your favorite titles, then a 1 TB SSD may be ideal for you.

Moreover, to save time and effort, it’s better to have storage space for all of your OS and games so you can launch the game in under a minute.

Games typically take up 40-50GB of storage capacity so an SSD with at least 500 GB capacity will provide enough room for about 5-6 games as well as your operating system.


An SSD is essential for gamers who want to have immersive gameplay, no loading screens, and fast startup time for their favorite titles. The cost may sound high but it pays for itself over time with reliable performance and durability.

If you are the type that plays too many games or downloads a lot of PC games from Steam then an SSD will save you time and energy.

The recommended SSD for gaming has at least 500 GB capacity and for your peace of mind, a 1 TB model is the one to go with if you plan on having all your favorite games in one place. Have fun!

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