Can You Turn On A Laptop Without The Power Button?

Laptops are one of the most useful tools in today’s society. They can be used for business, entertainment, or even as a means to get work done while you’re on the go!

However, with every product, there is an expiration date and laptops and their parts have their own lifespan too. If a part of your laptop stops working such as the power button, it can be frustrating on how to turn it on/off without one!

To switch on and off your laptop without using the power button, you may use an extra keyboard or enable wake-on-LAN in Windows. On a Mac, enter clamshell mode to start up with the aid of an external keyboard or magic mouse.

Using An External Keyboard

The power button may not always work on a laptop, so before it breaks down completely the owner should take preventive measures by enabling the keyboard to turn on the computer.

The default setting for powering up your laptop is usually disabled, but you can fix that problem in just a few seconds with some easy steps. It’s important that you enable this setting so there are options if something like a faulty power switch ever occurred!

Enabling You To Turn On Your Laptop With An External Keyboard

You must first visit the BIOS settings to permit the use of an external keyboard to turn on the laptop. To access this, do the following:

  1. Turn on the laptop and press either “Delete“, “F2” or “Esc” repeatedly when you see the manufacturer logo pop up until you reach the BIOS main screen. It may also look like a black box with text written in blue or white.
  2. If your laptop is already turned on, select “Settings” from the “Start” menu.
  3. Select “Update & Security” and go through the choices on the left before selecting “Recovery.”
  4. You’ll notice a tab with two parts open. Under “Advanced Setup,” choose “Restart Now.”
  5. There will be a new window open. Select “Troubleshoot” from the drop-down menu.
  6. Select “Advanced Options,” then “Power Management” or “ACPI Management” tabs, then “Enter.”
  7. Look for a setting like “Power On By Keyboard” or “Wake On Keyboard” or anything along those lines.
  8. Toggle the feature on or off using the plus or minus keys.
  9. Choose a preferred key to power on your laptop.
  10. Using the F10 key, save and quit.
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Testing Your Keyboard-Enabled Turning On Function

To know if your setting is working, shut down the windows system. Once it’s off, press your chosen key to power on and see what happens!

Using Wake-On LAN

Wake-On LAN is another way to turn on your laptop without the power button but you must have it switched on in BIOS settings! This makes it all worth enabling since waking up a computer through an external trigger is much more convenient than going into BIOS and turning on the laptop’s power button!

Getting Started with Wake-On LAN

  1. Do the above instructions until Step 6.
  2. Look for an option like “Power On LAN” or “Wake On LAN” or anything along those lines.
  3. Toggle the feature on or off using the plus or minus keys.
  4. Choose a preferred key to power on your laptop.
  5. Using the F10 key, save and quit.

After you’ve completed the preceding procedures, you’ll need to set up the network card so that it can turn on the system.

Configuring the Network Card

  1. Right-click the “Start” button and select “Properties.”
  2. Choose “Device Manager” from the drop-down menu. Wait for the “Device Manager” menu to appear on the screen.
  3. Keep an eye out for “Network adapters.”
  4. Right-click the menu to open it.
  5. Go to the “Power Management” section of the menu.
  6. Select “Allow this device to wake the computer.

Testing Your Wake-On LAN Turning On Function

To know if your network is working, shut down the windows system. Once it is off, plug in the LAN to power it back on.

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The wake-on LAN configuration and ability to configure a network depends on your motherboard settings so make sure you check those out before trying this test!


You’ve successfully learned how to use a laptop without turning on the power button! It’s easy once you know-how, so make sure that you try both methods.

As always, be careful with your computer as improper usage could damage it and void its warranty! We hope this article helps those who needed information on powering up their laptops (or desktops) without the power button!

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