Can You Use Your Laptop With A Dead Battery?

Laptops are designed to be powered by two sources — AC adapters and batteries. However, they can still operate properly when they receive their power from only one source.

They operate well with both an AC adapter and battery as the primary power supply or just using either of these in conjunction with each other for backup purposes should there ever come a need.

Even if the laptop’s battery is dead, it can still function as long as it is linked to an external power source through its AC adapter at all times.

Power Sources of a Laptop

Laptops can be powered by an AC adapter that is plugged into a wall socket or power strip, or they can receive their juice from a laptop battery when it’s connected to the computer.

The battery is actually the laptop’s secondary power because it serves as the only backup energy source of a laptop. The primary power is supplied by an AC adapter or through both its AC adapter and battery.

Laptop With A Dead Battery

One of the most common laptop problems is a dead battery. However, many users can still use their laptops with a dead battery because they have an AC adapter to plug in and power up through that way if you need it!

The laptop can still be used with a dead battery through AC adapter power only because the laptop is designed to switch between power sources. If both are plugged in, it will draw electricity from the charger instead of powering up from its own internal battery.

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Your computer will not charge its own battery when there is another power source that can provide electricity for it.

Disadvantage Of Having A Dead Battery

Running a laptop without a battery can be risky. Without it, you are at risk of losing all your work or data if there is an emergency and power goes out because when that happens, the device will force shut down instantly.

This can be a problem because you will lose all your information that is open at the time of power failure if you don’t save it by manually doing it before your laptop runs out of power.

Backing Up Data

If your battery is dead or unusable, the best way to protect your data is to always copy it in an external hard drive, flash drive, or other storage media.

This way, you can still access all your important information even if there is a power failure while working on your laptop and it causes the device to force shut down without saving your work first.


As long as your laptop is connected to an AC adapter, it will use the power source instead of its internal battery. This means you can use your laptop even if its battery is dead, but only as long as it lasts.

However, your data is always at risk in this scenario because it can be lost when there is a power failure that causes your computer to shut down prematurely.

To protect your data, make sure you always backup saved work and files on other storage media like a flash drive or external hard drive.

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