Why Do Laptop Charger Gets Hot?

When plugged in or turned off with its charger attached, most adapters will feel warmer than room temperature due to heat given off from electrical components inside them.

This is common and does not typically indicate any kind of problem; however, if you find that it’s getting too hot for comfort — or are feeling burnt after just touching it — there could be something wrong!

If you notice your laptop charger is too hot to touch, it could be due to any number of reasons. This could indicate a wrong type of or incompatible battery, damaged cords and wirings, and warm environments.

Charger Incompatibility Issue

One reason might be that the battery on your laptop needs replacement or the wrong type of battery was used in place of a compatible one for compatibility purposes.

You could try to use the original charger or see if a different one would work. If not, you should visit your nearest service center for testing and replacement of the battery.

Damaged or Faulty Battery

Another possible culprit that can make this happen is damaged cords and wiring inside cables and the adapter which will cause heat buildup within an adapter if left unchecked.

If you have tried using another laptop charger on your laptop and it still continues to heat up, the problem might be with your battery that is not holding a charge.

You should replace or repair damaged cords and/or replace faulty adapters as soon as possible before they become completely useless and end up causing an even bigger fire hazard.

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The environment may also play into things since warm environments promote such problems when not managed properly with adequate cooling measures. In addition, if you are near a power strip or outlet during the winter months, that could potentially be another source of overheating.

If you have a laptop and it is summertime, don’t leave your charger plugged in when not using it; instead, make sure to remove it from the wall socket as soon as you’re done working for the day. This will avoid overheating problems and possibly fires.

If you are in a warm environment or have many devices connected to the same power strip, make sure your charger is not clumped up with others in confined spaces since the heat from multiple chargers could potentially lead to a fire.

There should be some space around the charger that is not blocked by other objects while also being able to allow cool air to circulate around it so it stays relatively cool as long as possible.


Any time you are using your laptop, it is best to check your charger and adapter to make sure they are still cool to the touch. If they aren’t, then you should be aware of overheating problems before they can potentially get out of control.

An overheating battery will make the adapter warm and a damaged cord or faulty power plan may cause the laptop’s motherboard to heat up as well. You should take steps to cool the adapter down as soon as possible before it causes any kind of damage.

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