Why Are Gaming Laptops So Expensive?

This may be a question many of you have asked yourselves, especially if you are considering purchasing one for the first time.

Gaming laptops are expensive because they generally offer more power than traditional laptops while also being more durable and portable. The long and tedious manufacturing process to assemble a powerful but compact device, backed by stellar engineering, requires higher production costs.

Several other reasons contribute to the high price tag linked to your gaming laptop. In this article, I will cover the key elements and components that affect the price of gaming laptops.

Manufacturing Process

The innovative design that goes into manufacturing a gaming laptop costs more than it does for desktop PCs.

As components need to fit into a small chassis, they are highly customized and require longer research and additional engineering. Because of this detailed requirement, the overall cost of manufacturing a gaming laptop is higher than desktop computers.

Addressing Overheating Issues

Since gaming laptops are designed for heavy gaming duty, it requires more power and produces more heat.

There is a challenge to keep all the components in your gaming laptop cool during prolonged use. Ambient temperatures around the possible heat sources create even more stress.

In order to address this matter, cooling systems are required within gaming laptops. Most manufacturers use one of two approaches: either they do passive cooling with space between the mainboard and air vents, or active cooling that utilizes fans and heat pipes to transfer the heat away from the processor, graphics card, and other critical components.

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Manufacturers of gaming laptops invest in high-quality and expensive cooling systems to prevent the thermal throttling of gaming laptops and maintain their best possible performance.

“The” Brand

There are only a very small number of laptop manufacturers. Among these, Asus’ Republic of Gamers (ROG) and Razer are the most popular.

The majority of gaming laptop manufacturers assemble their products with parts from other established component suppliers. Hence, they could equip their laptops with the same components as a smaller brand.

However, because fewer brands offer such high-level performance, these major players have taken on this role. As a result, they have become established in the minds of gamers and are now considered “must-haves”.


In summary, the high price tag is associated with many factors including the manufacturing process, brand name recognition, and necessary cooling systems.

If you take into account the many perks, a high price could make sense as these gaming rigs provide so much power and versatility!

So when looking for your next gaming computer, carefully consider all your options and budget so you won’t be disappointed with your purchase decision later on as all factors leading to its price are significant.

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