Can You Build a Gaming Laptop?

Building a gaming laptop computer is possible, however, with its complexity, it is generally not recommended.

It is much more difficult to build a laptop than to build a desktop computer. Laptops are often custom-built to suit your every need, which makes them hard to build in comparison with desktops because you have to take into account many different factors such as the cooling system, battery life, weight distribution, etc.

Building laptops requires knowledge of how all these components will interact together for optimal performance without wasting money on extra features that may not be necessary.

laptop component

Searching for components is difficult and expensive

You can’t just go to a store, buy the parts you need for your laptop and be on your way. The process of finding what you want is not always straightforward or easy and it could take some time before all those components are manufactured.

The components in them are often customized for the laptop and you won’t find an easy replacement. The components that go into laptops, unlike desktop PCs, aren’t standardized which means it could lead to spending more money than expected on things like GPUs or motherboards if not found elsewhere.

Putting it all together is a very complex task

Fitting all the components inside a laptop chassis is difficult, and combining that with an adequate cooling system to prevent overheating can be even more challenging.

For this reason, gaming laptops are usually assembled in factories while having individual parts shipped separately from various companies across countries.

Upgrading can be problematic

Unlike upgrading your desktop computer which is as easy as popping out a graphics card and replacing it with one that fits the needs, finding parts for custom gaming laptops can be hard.

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Aside from the difficulties in getting spare parts or components, unless they’re sold separately which oftentimes isn’t an economical option, identifying if there’s enough room inside such devices is challenging and troublesome.

building compenents

Pre-built laptops are more cost-effective

Most pre-built laptops come with some sort of warranty which might not seem like much, but when it comes to laptops, the specifics can be hard to assess.

Since there are many components involved, the warranty covers most of them separately and not as a whole. For this reason, it’s often cheaper to buy pre-built laptops than to build your own.

The pre-built laptop could also end up having a better cooling system and fit all its components well, which are equally important factors for a gaming machine.


If you are prepared to make these sacrifices, then building a gaming laptop could be an option for you. But if the main reason you’re looking into building your own is to save money, then you would be better off buying a pre-built machine.

Buying a laptop could come with the added bonus of not having to worry about upgrading and repairing it yourself. If you’re willing to take on this challenge, then building your own gaming laptop can be an interesting experience.

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