What To Do When Your Laptop Warranty Expires?

Warranties can give you peace of mind when buying a laptop. If something goes wrong, the warranty may allow you to return or repair the item if your expectations have not been satisfied.

The warranty on a product ensures that it will function as intended and should always be examined before purchasing – these deals protect you against future problems with any particular item.

But what will you do when your laptop warrant expires?

Laptop warranties are usually not extended from their intended coverage. However, manufacturing companies offer care packages and damage protection plans which can be purchased to provide a more extensive warranty than regular ones.

These may have a wider range of coverage and cover accidental spills or computer malfunctions beyond the scope of a standard warranty depending on the package’s terms and conditions.

What is a Warranty?

A warranty is an official promise by the manufacturer about how a laptop performs for its intended purpose. Warranties usually cover cases where certain components were not functioning as they are promised.

Warranties from different companies have different terms and conditions. That is why you should always read your warranty statement carefully to determine what it covers, what limitations it has, and whether or not it will cover problems you might encounter with the product.

When Does a Warranty Expire?

Warranties can expire for different reasons, which may be difficult to determine depending on your purchase. These may include:

The warranty period stated in the manufacturer’s terms and conditions.

This is the period of time for which all manufacturer defects are covered. This may also include any additional warranties you may have purchased from retailers may also apply.

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Misuse or a lack of adequate maintenance caused the product to fail.

In many cases, laptop warranties may be voided due to misuse. It is important that you retain your warranty information and any receipts from your initial purchase for reference if any problems arise with a product after its outside of the manufacturer’s terms and conditions for warranty protection.

You’ve made major alterations to the product.

If you have made any major alterations to a product, it may result in the warranty being voided. This can include modifying software that was not intended for use with your laptop or you’ve opened up the case or made any changes to components.

Any damage or repairs in the unit that were not caused by defects on behalf of the manufacturer are usually not covered under warranty.

Your product doesn’t match its description on the box.

If the model number or serial number is different from what is listed on your product packaging and warranty, it may result in your warranty being voided. It is important to maintain your receipts and product packaging as proof of purchase if any issues arise with a product after the manufacturer’s terms have expired.

What Will You Do When Your Laptop Warranty Expires?

So what can you do when your laptop’s warranty has expired? Here are some tips and things to consider:

  1. Go through the manufacturer’s website for any damage protection plan. Manufacturers usually offer extended warranties and even “value-added” or subsidized insurance for baggage and accidents.
  2. Consider third-party protection plans. Third-party companies may also provide additional coverage but these can be costly over time, especially if you have to make long-distance phone calls to deal with problems that are not covered by your original warranty.
  3. Be careful when making major modifications to a laptop. If you are not sure how to perform these changes, ask for assistance from a reputable technician before attempting it on your own.
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Are Damage Protection Plans Worth It?

Damage Protection plans are very important especially when you’re buying a laptop for business or just as an investment. Damage protection plans can be purchased through the manufacturer directly, retailers, and even online.

They may provide more extensive warranties than regular ones, which can cover accidental spills or computer malfunctions beyond the scope of a standard warranty depending on the package’s coverage.

Laptop damage protection plans are worth purchasing because of the high cost it takes to replace your laptop, computer parts, and any software programs that were stored on your system.


If you’re considering purchasing a laptop, don’t wait until your warranty expires before investing in additional protection. Extending the length of your warranty is certainly better than getting stuck with a high repair bill to replace parts unanticipated.

If you don’t take advantage of a damage protection plan, you risk paying more in the long run if anything happens to your computer. As a result, damage protection plans are worth the extra investment.

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