What Screen Size is Best for Gaming Laptop?

The screen size of a laptop is one of the most important features to consider when purchasing a gaming laptop.

Larger screens provide more viewing space which can make it easier for gamers to see what is happening on their screen. However, larger screens also mean that laptops are heavier and more expensive. 

Display size is a matter of personal preference for gaming laptops. However, a 15-inch screen offers the perfect balance between portability and viewing space.

Larger 17″ screens are available, but they will make your device weigh beyond 5 pounds and can be cumbersome to transport around.

What is a gaming laptop?

Gaming laptops are specially built with high-end components to give users the best gaming experience. They have powerful processors, impressive graphics cards, and large amounts of RAM for multitasking.

Using a gaming laptop means you can play your favorite games without compromising performance caused by subpar hardware. Some gamers even use their laptops for editing videos, watching movies, or other media consumption.

Why does screen size matter?

Screen size is important for a gaming laptop because it determines the size of the laptop’s display. Larger displays provide more space on your screen to do things like view multiple chat windows, see an entire command center, or evaluate critical information in real-time.

A large monitor will mean that you can find enemies easily and take aim better than if you were using a smaller screen. They are a must for popular games like Battlefield 2042, Call of Duty WW2, and Overwatch 2.

Compromised Portability

While larger screens can offer a more immersive gaming experience, it will also mean that carrying your laptop around can be more of a hassle. The larger the screen, the heavier the device and the less mobile it becomes.

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Screen Resolution

Screen resolution is another important factor to consider when choosing a gaming laptop. Larger screens typically offer higher resolutions, which will make text and images sharper.

An ideal screen resolution for gamers is 1080p, as it gives a perfect balance between the size of the screen and the sharpness of images.

A large monitor can run 4K resolution, which is excellent for watching movies and playing games like Grand Theft Auto V.

However, running on such a high resolution will mean that your laptop’s hardware will have to work extra hard to render all the graphics that run on your screen.

This can cause severe performance issues while playing games. It is best to stick with 1080p resolution for a gaming laptop monitor, as 4K screens are only useful for media consumption rather than gaming.


Before you start looking for the best screen size, it’s vital to decide what’s more important to you: portability or image quality?

Gamers who value portability will likely be happier with a smaller gaming laptop. It will allow you to take your device around more easily and bring it to LAN parties.

However, if you want the highest quality display possible without suffering from pixelation or other image degradation, then go for larger screens.

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