How To Find A Serial Number Of A Laptop

One of the most important pieces of information on any piece is its serial number. This unique group of numbers and letters helps manufacturers keep track of what company it belongs to, how many are in circulation, and where they’re all located at a given time.

Serial numbers also help law enforcement agencies solve crimes such as robberies or kidnappings by linking these items back with their rightful owners (or thieves).

In most cases, you’ll find serial numbers at the bottom or back of your laptop. Some manufacturers also include them in the battery, the base, or on a sticker inside the machine. If you cannot find it physically, try using the Windows Command Prompt to find out your laptop’s unique identifier.

What are Serial Numbers?

Serial numbers are simply unique numbers linked with your laptop. This is used to locate individual parts of the machine if it is stolen or misplaced.

Each manufacturer uses its own serial numbering system, but the information contained in this group of numbers and letters will always be essentially the same. Some manufacturers place these numbers in specific locations.

Why are Serial Numbers Important? 

A product’s serial number tells all sorts of information about it including its manufacture date, country/state origin, distributor name, and who originally bought it!

The more details we know about our purchase means better protection against fraudsters looking for an easy mark — don’t give up any personal info if someone tries asking for this kind of detail out in public or anywhere else!

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Where to Find Serial Numbers? 

Laptop serial numbers are normally located on the bottom or back of your unit. Some models include a sticker placed inside one of the compartments, while others will have it hidden in one part of an accessory package. They can also be found on warranty cards or even the battery.

Here’s a quick look at where you can find serial numbers on most laptops:

  • Back/bottom of the laptop
  • Battery
  • Baseplate
  • Warranty card

Because there may be other numbers given, such as the product ID, network ID, or UPC, it’s crucial to check for the terms “Serial Number,” “Ser. No.,” or “SN.”

Windows Command Prompt

To see your machine’s serial number using the Command Prompt, launch first the Windows Command Prompt. You may accomplish this by typing “cmd” into the search box or by right-clicking the Windows Home icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Type “wmic bios get serialnumber” into the command window. The serial number will be shown after that.


Serial numbers not only tell you more about your machine but also makes it easier to return or replace specifics parts should anything unexpected happen.

When you can find your serial number, it will also be easier to track down the laptop’s information or warranty if it is stolen or misplaced.

It’s a little detail that may be overlooked, but knowing where to find this information will help make support of your laptop much easier. You may also want to consider saving your serial number in a safe place. This will help you in case anything happens to the machine such as theft or loss.

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