How Long Does Twitch Keep Vods

Key Takeaways:

  • Twitch keeps VODs for 14 days for regular users and 60 days for Twitch Partners and Turbo users.
  • VODs older than the specified storage period are automatically deleted from Twitch servers.
  • Twitch offers the option for streamers to download and save their VODs locally for longer-term storage.
  • To ensure your VODs are saved, consider exporting and uploading them to an external platform like YouTube.

Have you ever wondered how long Twitch keeps your VODs? Maybe you’re a streamer who wants to know how long your content will be saved for your viewers, or perhaps you’re a viewer who wants to catch up on streams you missed.

Either way, I’ve got you covered! In this article, I’ll dive into the default storage period for Twitch VODs, as well as the benefits that Twitch partners enjoy in terms of extended storage.

I’ll also discuss the guidelines for content removal and VOD deletion on Twitch. So let’s get started and uncover the secrets of Twitch VODs together.

Retention PeriodStorage Limit
14 daysFree tier users
60 daysTwitch Turbo users
UnlimitedTwitch Partners and Twitch Prime users

How Long Does Twitch Keep VODs?

Twitch keeps VODs stored for a specific period of time, but the exact duration varies based on certain factors.

Default VOD Storage Period on Twitch

The default VOD storage period on Twitch is 14 days for regular streamers and 60 days for Twitch Partners.

After this period, the VODs will be automatically deleted from the platform.

It’s important to note that this is the default setting, and streamers have the option to download and save their VODs locally if they want to keep them for a longer period of time.

Twitch also offers the ability to store VODs for longer durations through its “Video Producer” tool.

Twitch Partner Benefits and Extended VOD Storage

As a Twitch Partner, you enjoy several benefits, including extended VOD storage. This means that your VODs will be saved on Twitch for a longer period of time compared to regular users.

While regular users’ VODs are usually available for 14 days, Partners get to keep their VODs for up to 60 days or even longer.

This allows you to have a more extensive library of content for your viewers to enjoy and helps you build a stronger community on Twitch. So, take advantage of this perk and make the most out of your extended VOD storage as a Twitch Partner.

Guidelines for Content Removal and VOD Deletion on Twitch

When it comes to content removal and VOD deletion on Twitch, there are guidelines that you should keep in mind. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Twitch has community guidelines that outline what type of content is allowed on the platform. Make sure to familiarize yourself with these guidelines to avoid any violations.
  • If you come across any content that you believe violates Twitch’s guidelines, you can report it using the reporting feature on the platform. Provide as much information as possible to help Twitch’s moderation team review the content.
  • Twitch takes content moderation seriously and may remove or take action against content that violates their guidelines. This can include temporary or permanent bans, and even the deletion of VODs (videos on demand.
  • The length of time that Twitch keeps VODs can vary. Generally, Twitch keeps VODs for a period of 14 to 60 days, depending on your account type. Partnered and Affiliate accounts have longer VOD storage periods, while regular users have shorter storage periods.
  • To ensure compliance with Twitch’s guidelines, it’s important to regularly review and manage your content. This includes removing any content that may no longer align with Twitch’s policies or that you no longer wish to have on your channel.
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By understanding and following these guidelines, you can help maintain a positive and compliant presence on Twitch.

Twitch VOD Duration
Timeless Twitch Memories

How to Access VODs on Twitch?

To access VODs on Twitch, simply visit the Twitch website or open the Twitch mobile or desktop app.

VODs on

VODs on are recorded streams that you can watch at any time. They allow you to catch up on past broadcasts and highlights.

You can access VODs on a streamer’s channel by going to their Videos tab.

Twitch keeps VODs for a certain period of time, depending on the streamer’s settings and their subscription status. However, keep in mind that some streamers may delete their VODs after a while.

So, if you want to watch a specific VOD, it’s best to do so sooner rather than later.

Twitch VOD Archive
Digital time capsule

VODs on Twitch Mobile App

To access VODs on the Twitch mobile app, open the app and tap on the Browse tab. Then, select the Videos section.

You can search for specific streamers or browse through different categories to find VODs you’re interested in.

The Twitch mobile app allows you to watch VODs just like you would on the desktop version, offering a convenient way to catch up on your favorite streams on the go.

VODs on Twitch Desktop App

To access VODs on the Twitch Desktop App, simply follow these steps:

  • Open the Twitch Desktop App on your computer.
  • Log in to your Twitch account.
  • In the left sidebar, click on the “Library” tab.
  • Under “My Content,” select the “Videos” tab.
  • Here, you’ll find all your past broadcasts and highlights.
  • You can choose to watch them or download them to your computer.
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That’s it! You can now enjoy your VODs on the Twitch Desktop App at your convenience.

How to Download Twitch VODs?

To download Twitch VODs, you can use third-party tools or the Twitch Video Manager.

Third-Party Tools and Services for Downloading Twitch VODs

There are various third-party tools and services available for downloading Twitch VODs. Some popular options include Twitch Leecher, 4K Video Downloader, and Clipr. These tools allow you to easily save VODs onto your device for offline viewing or editing purposes.

Additionally, certain websites like TwitchTracker and Streamlink also provide downloading capabilities.

It’s important to note that using third-party tools and services may have certain limitations and it’s always recommended to respect content creators’ rights and terms of service.

Twitch Video Manager for Downloading VODs

To download your Twitch VODs, you can use Twitch’s Video Manager feature. It allows you to access and manage your past broadcasts easily.

Simply go to your Creator Dashboard, click on “Content,” and select “Videos.” From there, you can find your VODs and choose to download them.

It’s a convenient way to save and share your content outside of Twitch. Give it a try and make sure to keep your VODs safe!

What Can You Do with Twitch VODs?

With Twitch VODs, you can watch past streams, clip highlights, and revisit chat interactions.

Watch Past Streams

You can easily watch past streams on Twitch by accessing the video on demand (VOD) feature. Once a broadcaster’s stream is over, Twitch automatically saves it as a VOD.

To watch a past stream, simply go to the broadcaster’s channel and click on the “Videos” tab.

From there, you can select the desired stream and enjoy watching it at your convenience. You can also use the search function to find specific streams or explore the Twitch archives.

Clip Highlights from VODs

Clip highlights from VODs are short, memorable moments that you can extract from your Twitch VODs. These clips capture the best parts of your stream and can be easily shared on social media or other platforms. They allow you to showcase your skills, funny moments, or epic gameplay to a wider audience.

To create clip highlights, simply navigate to your VOD, find the desired moment, and click the “Clip” button.

You can then customize the clip’s title and share it with your followers or save it for future use.

Revisit Twitch Chat Interaction

Revisiting Twitch chat interaction is an excellent way to engage with your viewers and strengthen your community. By scrolling through the chat log in your VODs, you can see what your viewers were saying during the live stream.

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This allows you to respond to any questions or comments you missed, and gives you a chance to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

You may also discover new insights and ideas for future streams by analyzing the chat. So don’t forget to take advantage of this valuable tool!

Frequently Asked Questions about Twitch VODs

Can Twitch VODs be Edited?

Yes, Twitch VODs can be edited.

When you upload a video to Twitch, you have the option to download the VOD and edit it using video editing software.

You can trim, cut, add overlays, and make other modifications to enhance the content.

Once you’ve finished editing, you can re-upload the edited version to your Twitch channel.

Editing your Twitch VODs allows you to improve the quality, remove any unwanted moments, and make your content more engaging for your viewers.

Can All Streamers Enable VODs on Their Channels?

Not all streamers can enable VODs on their channels. The ability to enable VODs is determined by a streamer’s status on Twitch.

Affiliate and Partner status is what allows streamers to have access to the VOD feature.

So, if you’re a new or casual streamer, you might not be able to enable VODs just yet. However, once you meet the requirements and achieve Affiliate or Partner status, you’ll have the option to enable VODs on your Twitch channel.

What Happens to VODs When a Twitch Account Gets Deleted?

When a Twitch account gets deleted, the VODs associated with that account are also deleted.

This means that any videos you have saved as VODs will no longer be accessible or available to viewers.

Therefore, it’s important to download and save any VODs you want to keep before deleting your Twitch account.

Make sure to back up your content to avoid losing it permanently.

Final Verdict

Twitch keeps VODs for a default storage period of 14 days for regular streamers. However, Twitch Partners enjoy the benefit of extended VOD storage, which can range from 60 to 180 days.

To access VODs on Twitch, you can find them on the Twitch website, the mobile app, or the desktop app.

If you want to download Twitch VODs for offline viewing, you can use third-party tools or the Twitch Video Manager. With Twitch VODs, you can watch past streams, create clip highlights, and revisit Twitch chat interaction.

Remember, VODs cannot be edited, not all streamers can enable VODs on their channels, and VODs are deleted when a Twitch account is deleted.

So make the most of your Twitch VODs and enjoy the benefits they offer!

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