Can You Use Windex On Laptop Screen?

It’s no secret that computer screens can get dirty and gross, especially if you’re gaming or working on a project late into the night. But even though they are sensitive to touch it doesn’t mean your screen is out of commission when those pesky germs settle in!

Windex is a great cleaning option for glass laptop screens, but remember that you should never spray Windex directly onto the screen itself. Simply dampen your microfiber cloth and apply a bit of cleaner to it before wiping down your monitor with gentle circular motions.

What is Windex?

In the world of cleaning products, a product called Windex is one of the most commonly used glass cleaners. It was invented for window cleaning in Florida way back in 1939 when someone mixed up a batch of wiper fluid and ammonia to clean up some dirty windows.

Since then, people have used Windex cleaning products on just about everything glass and other non-porous surfaces such as mirrors, windows tables & appliances like fridges.

Is Windex Safe for Laptop Screens?

Windex is safe to use as a laptop screen cleaner if you have a glass instead of plastic. You can also use it on other non-porous surfaces.

If you have a plastic laptop, don’t use Windex to clean it. However, Windex is not recommended for use on touch screens like iPads, iPhones, and other mobile devices. It could harm the touchscreen surface and cause it to malfunction shortly afterward.

How to Use Windex for Cleaning Screens

Use a microfiber cloth with Windex, not paper towels or rags. Paper towels can scratch a screen when you’re cleaning it.

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Wipe your computer down with the cloth to clean off any dirt or dust. Be gentle when you’re cleaning your screen. Don’t press hard on the glass, or else you could scratch your screen.

After you’re done, gently wipe down the screen with a microfiber cloth that’s been dampened with plain water and let your computer air dry for a bit before booting up again. This is the best way to keep your computer clean and your screen healthy.

How Often Should You Clean Your Screens?

It depends on how often you use your laptop and what you’re doing with it.

If you’re a gamer, for example, you’ll probably want to clean your screen more often. Dirt and dust will annoy the heck out of you when they get stuck in your line of sight while playing games!

If you’re just using it for Word documents or movie watching, then clean your computer once every few weeks. If there’s an especially stubborn build-up of dirt, however, you can always give it a wipe down sooner. It’s never a bad idea to clean your computer!


The bottom line is that Windex makes it incredibly easy to clean your computer screen. You can use it on glass, mirrors, and other non-porous surfaces quickly and effectively as long as you remember the rules:

  • Never spray Windex directly onto a screen
  • Wipe it down with a dampened cloth, not paper towels or rags
  • Air-dry the screen before turning it back on

If you follow those three rules, then you can trust Windex to keep your computer looking great. You’ll get all the benefits of a great cleaning product with none of the potential drawbacks!

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