Is Lenovo Legion 5 Good for Programming?

It’s not always easy to find the perfect laptop for programming. There are so many models out there, and it can be difficult to tell which one will suit your needs best.

Lenovo Legion 5 gaming laptops are one of the best and cheapest choices for programmers because they offer a lot of different configurations to suit your needs. It has a powerful processor and graphics card, which makes it perfect for coding.

In today’s article, we’ll try to figure a gaming laptop that can also be used as a programming machine. It has the hardware you need to work, and it even has some nice features that will make your life easier.

Lenovo Legion 5: Simplicity and Sheer Power

Is Lenovo Legion 5 Good for Programming?

Lenovo Legion devices are some of the most versatile laptops in the market. They can be used as programming machines because they come with powerful hardware that meets your needs as a developer.

Lenovo Legion devices come in different sizes and configurations. You have a choice of Core i5, Core i7 as well as AMD processor, RAM up to 16 GB, and multiple storage options.

The laptops are built for gaming so they have the graphics card that is needed for a good programming experience (up to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti).

Lenovo Legion 5 is more than powerful enough to run the latest development environments. It is fast and responsive, so code compiling will not be a problem for this machine.

Lenovo Legion computers come with Windows 10 preinstalled, but it’s possible to upgrade the OS to Windows 10 Pro. This operating system has all the features you need for coding: Python, JavaScript, HTML, etc.

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Lenovo Legion 5: The Inside

One of the main reasons why Lenovo Legion 5 is a great choice for coders is because it has the hardware you need to work. Besides a good processor and enough RAM, these laptops also have an SSD drive which makes them boot faster. Let’s take a look at these components one by one.


Lenovo Legion 5 laptops are powered by an Intel Core i5 or Core i7 processor.

The Core i5-7300HQ is a quad-core CPU with a clock speed of 2.50GHz which goes up to 3.50 GHz in turbo mode. It also has Hyper-Threading technology that enhances multitasking and speeds up the performance of demanding applications like development environments.

The Core i7-7700HQ has the same features as the Core i5, but it has a higher clock speed (2.80GHz) and turbo frequency (3.8 GHz). It’s an excellent choice if you need to run heavy-duty programs that require better hardware specs than your average development environment.


Lenovo Legion 5 laptops come with 8 GB of RAM, but it’s possible to upgrade the RAM up to 32 GB.

RAM is your working memory where your programs run and data are loaded during runtime. The more RAM you have, the faster the computer will be in responding to your requests.

If you plan on running multiple programs, you will definitely need more than 8 GB of RAM. For development purposes, a laptop with 16 GB of RAM is enough to work smoothly.

Again, having 32 GB of RAM might be overkill if you just want to code during your free time or when traveling. If you plan on multitasking or working on a big project, you will definitely need to upgrade the RAM.

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Lenovo Legion 5 laptops come with storage options for everyone’s budget. You can get a model with a regular HDD hard drive or one with an SSD drive.

The SSD is faster than the HDD because it has no moving parts and requires less power to run, which means that laptops with this type of drive will be more portable. The downside is that SSDS are more expensive than regular hard drives.

For a programming laptop, it’s recommended to have an SSD because you can access files faster and load applications much quicker. If you prefer to work on big projects, the extra storage space of an HDD might be a better option.

Graphics Card

Lenovo Legion 5 laptops can be configured with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics card, which makes them fast and responsive for development purposes.

The GeForce GTX 1050 Ti is an entry-level gaming GPU that is capable of high frame rates in popular games like Fortnite or Overwatch. It also has enough power to run the latest development environments like Visual Studio, Atom IDE, and XCode.

Design and Ports

Lenovo Legion 5 laptops have a stylish design and they come in different colors like black or gun-metal gray.

The keyboard is full size with customizable backlighting, so you can type easily even in the dark thanks to the bright LEDs under each key.

The touchpad is responsive and has a smooth finish, so scrolling or quickly accessing the right-click menu won’t be an issue.

Lenovo Legion 5 laptops have two USB 3.0 ports, one HDMI 1.4 port for connecting to external displays, a 4-in-1 card reader, an Ethernet RJ45 port for wired internet connection, and a headphone/microphone combo port.

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The models that have an SSD drive also come with USB-C ports that can be used for data transfer or charging the device.

Lenovo Legion 5 laptops are a good choice if you want to code on your laptop while traveling. These systems have a stylish design and have the hardware components needed to run development software smoothly.

Final Words

The Lenovo Legion 5 laptop is a high-quality device that can be used for coding thanks to its powerful hardware and great features.

The powerful processors will have no problems running demanding development environments while the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics card can support up to 8K monitors when used with an external display.

The system is stylish and it has a lot of great ports that will make the development process easier.

If you want to have a laptop for coding, the Lenovo Legion 5 might be the best choice for you. It’s lightweight, fast, powerful, and affordable compared to most programming laptops out there.

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