Is It Bad To Use a Laptop While Charging?

With the new technology of lithium-based batteries, it is possible to continue using your laptop while still in plug without worrying about overcharging. However, it is not recommended by manufacturers as it could be harmful in some cases.

In this article, I will discuss some things you should know about the effect of using a laptop while charging.

Lithium-ion Technology

Nowadays, most laptops have a lithium-ion battery. It is the world’s most popular rechargeable battery, which has a longer lifespan and lighter weight.

One of its golden features is that you will never need to worry about overcharging a lithium-ion battery. Once it is fully charged, the battery steps aside and allows power from the grid to run your computer until needed again.

This allows laptops to be used continuously while connected to an AC outlet. However, plugging in a fully charged device puts stress on the battery, which may decrease its life span.

Effect of Continuous Charging

While you will not worry about overcharging your laptop, the strain from continuous heat exposure of the battery from the power source is still a cause for concern. It is not recommended to continually use your laptop while charging.

Lithium-ion batteries have to be exposed to heat in order to charge and discharge. However, if you constantly expose them to heat, it will reduce the capacity of its cell. Thus, causing premature wear and tear on the battery cells.

Prolonging its Life Span

While a laptop’s battery is expected to deteriorate through time, a lithium-ion battery will last longer if you do not subject it to a lot of heat.

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However,  the long-term effectiveness of lithium-ion batteries on laptops is also severely compromised when they’re not charged enough or used too quickly. Reducing how frequently one charges them does have negative effects such as decreasing the lifespan due to constant depletion without recharging.

Thus, the ideal care and maintenance of laptop batteries require keeping your battery at 40%-80% capacity.


Considering the pros and cons of using a laptop while charging, there is no specific recommended way. However, it is best to avoid continuously using your laptop on its battery if you are not in an emergency situation. Doing so will significantly reduce the lifespan of your device and may lead to future complications.

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