Is A Gaming Laptop Good For Photoshop?

Gaming laptops are the perfect choice for photo editing because they have powerful GPU and fast CPU that can handle any graphics-heavy program, like Photoshop.

With the right configuration, gaming laptops can be transformed into powerful photo editing machines. A gaming laptop will be fast enough for editing multiple 5K images, compiling video clips, and creating 3D objects.

The best gaming laptops will have a maximum resolution display (about 4K) to take full advantage of professional photography software like Adobe Photoshop.

Dedicated GPU and CPU

The gaming laptop must be powerful to handle multilayered HD images and complex PSD files, which are often generated from raw files.

For most photo editing workflows, the CPU is important for compiling video clips, rendering projects, and exporting quality photos in a timely manner.

The discrete graphics card in gaming laptops also has enough juice to power Photoshop’s GPU-intensive features like ICC color profiles, layer masks, and Gaussian blur.

Sufficient RAM

Gaming laptops also have more than enough RAM to handle 10 million-pixel images and even 30 million-pixel panoramas.

Better yet, the RAM is on par with desktop computers. So there won’t be any headaches when dealing with complex tasks like editing panoramas or creating 3D objects.

The Operating System

The hardware in gaming laptops may give you a glimpse of what the laptop’s specifications can do but it will not be fully revealed without an OS running on the laptop.

A proven gaming OS like Windows 10 Pro is capable of meeting all your photo editing needs, whether it’s processing RAW files or rendering video clips with subtitles.

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Hard Drive Speed 

Photo editing programs can deal with heavy files but we still need a fast hard drive to process them in a timely manner.  A 7200 rpm hard drive will load, save, and compile images faster than 5400 rpm drives.  There will also be fewer instances of the dreaded spinning beach ball.

And since you will likely store a lot of HD photos on the laptop, opt for SSDs storage instead of hard drives.  SSDs have much faster read/write speeds and are less susceptible to bumps or falls that can damage the drive’s hard disk platter.

Screen Size and Resolution 

Gaming laptops have big screens that could be used to edit your photos.  Most gaming laptops come with a full HD display or an ultra-high resolution screen that makes photo editing even more enjoyable.


Buying a laptop specifically for photo editing can be tricky because the hardware inside laptops is not fully exposed.  Gaming laptops are designed with powerful components. Since gaming laptops are considered to be mobile workstations, photo editing is better left to them than desktops.

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