Do Gaming Laptops Overheat?

Gaming laptops are a great option for gamers who want to game on the go. However, many people have concerns about overheating and other potential issues with gaming laptops. So, do they overheat?

The high-performance processors and dedicated graphics cards can result in the overheating of laptops as they generate lots of heat in such small spaces where there isn’t much room for airflow as these components are crammed into very small chassis.

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Why Laptops Overheat

Aside from the limited heat dissipation, gaming laptops overheat due to other several reasons.

It’s hard for your laptop to stay cool in an overheated and poorly ventilated room. Moreover, unnecessary programs may be running too much and are stressing out the CPU.

If the cooling fans aren’t powerful enough or if they have dust accumulated inside them, they won’t be able to blow out the hot air.

Laptops also tend to overheat if they’re placed on beds, blankets or any other soft surfaces instead of on a table or hard surface.

Another reason is that some laptops don’t have good thermal paste between the CPU and heatsink, which can lead to poor heat exchange and hence, resulting to overheating.

Negative Impacts of Overheating

It’s not easy to work hard and be productive when your laptop is so hot! Also, internal components of the gaming laptop are damaged with sever overheating.

An overheated processor slows down and operates less efficiently, which will cost you in productivity since it takes more time for tasks like starting up a game or editing a video.

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Furthermore, most of these laptops have lithium-ion batteries that are harmed by heat — the added heat reduces battery life duration as well as how long it stays charged before needing recharging again.

How to Prevent Overheating

The best way to keep your gaming laptop from overheating is to make sure that you’re using a cooler. It’s always advisable to use a cooling pad for laptops since it has more space for air circulation and can help cool down your CPU faster.

Certain gaming laptops are bigger and heavier, which requires a surface with enough space to allow for heat dissipation. This is why it is advisable to place your laptop in an open room with good ventilation or on a table and not on the bed, blankets, or any other soft surface.

Also, installing too many unnecessary programs will only result in slowing down your laptop, which leads to overheating.

Make sure to clean your gaming laptop every month by removing the dust accumulated inside the cooling fans and heat sink. Just do a simple Google search on how to clean your gaming laptop.

Finally, if you notice that your laptop is already overheating when you turn it on, then simply shut down your device immediately and let it rest for a few hours before using again.


Overheating of gaming laptops is a big concern for many gamers as it affects the device efficiency, but in actual fact, it is preventable.

Just make sure that you have a cooling pad and lots of ventilation if gaming in an overheated room, as well as close out the unnecessary programs when using your laptop.

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