Can You Take a Gaming Laptop on a Plane?

Traveling on a plane with your favorite gaming laptop is definitely possible. You can play online games live without any interference even when you are traveling to different parts of the world.

Airlines provide unlimited access to the Wi-Fi internet onboard, making it easier for gamers like you to enjoy their time more easily while in flight!

Taking a laptop with you

Laptops are allowed on board, and there is no real “rule” as to how you must pack them. You can either bring it in your carry-on or use a laptop bag for the duration of your flight, given that you do not exceed your luggage allowance.

However, you have to take note of the guidelines set by the International Standards of Aviation when using a laptop onboard. It is best to take simple precautions to ensure that everything goes smoothly and that your gaming experience does not get interrupted by strict officials.

Rules to remember

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will have you remove your laptop from your bag, backpack, or purse and place it in a separate bin at the security checkpoint for X-ray scanning before boarding.

Passengers are not allowed to use their laptops during the brief periods of takeoff and landing. However, they can still enjoy access to in-flight entertainment on these devices for the duration of the flight.

For long flights, it is recommended to carry an extra battery pack with you just in case. A lot of airlines do not have charging ports available for laptops and if they do, there might not be one compatible with your computer. 

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Protecting your laptop

To keep your laptop safe while traveling, consider the following measures:

  1. Pack it in a protective case that is shockproof or water-resistant,
  2. Use TSA approved locks,
  3. Don’t pack unnecessary accessories such as chargers or extension cords in the same luggage as your laptop, and
  4. Keep all paperwork securely packed and do not forget to bring them out when you go through customs


Gaming laptops can be taken on a plane, as long as they do not exceed your luggage limit and you take the recommended measures to protect them. Bring such a device will keep you entertained and updated for the duration of the flight.

Although many people would worry about bringing a laptop on a plane because of the potential dangers, there are precautions you can take to make sure your device is safe.

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